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Embassy address: 10A/2 Podkolokolny Pereulok, 109028 Moscow - Telephone: +7 495 956 6070 - Fax: +7 495 956 6170; Consular assistance: +61 2 6261 3305 (from Russia) or 1300 555 135 (from Australia)







The Australian Embassy will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period. If you are planning to travel to Australia over the Christmas / New Year period, the deadline for all Visitor (subclass 600) and Temporary Work (subclass 400) visa applications is Friday 14 November 2014

For applications lodged after 14 November 2014, the Visa Office is unable to guarantee a decision before Christmas.


From Monday 4 August 2014, the Visa Section will be open for business on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9am-11am.

If you plan to pay for your application with cash, you can lodge your application in-person during this time but you will need to make an appointment first. To make an appointment, please contact the Europe Service Centre (see Contact Us for details).

If you plan to pay for your application by credit card, you must use the application drop-off service, which is available from Monday to Friday,12 noon to 3pm. To use this service you need to place a completed application, with a completed Credit Card Authorisation Form, in an envelope and put it in the drop-box near our reception desk. Please be aware that the security guards posted at the gate of the Embassy have the right to refuse you entry to the premises if your application is not complete and placed in an envelope.

If paying by credit card, please check that your bank will process payments in Australian dollars before lodging your application - otherwise your payment may be declined.

For further information on loding a visa application, see How to Apply and General Information.

Increase in Partner visa application charge from 1 January 2015

On 15 December 2014, the Australian Government announced its intention to increase the Visa Application Charge for Partner visas. The new pricing arrangements will apply to Partner visa applications lodged on, or after 1 January 2015. Please see Application Charges for more information.

Changes in how to contact us

From 14 May 2014, please contact the Europe Service Centre for all immigration or citizenship queries. Please see Contact Us for more information. 

Applying for a visa

Client Service

Reinstatement of Parent and Other Family visa categories

From 12pm Thursday 25 September 2014, the following visa categories were re-opened for new applications:

Parent (non-contributory) visas

• 103 (Parent)
• 804 (Aged Parent)

Other Family visas

• 114 and 838 (Aged Dependent Relative)
• 115 and 835 (Remaining Relative)
• 116 and 836 (Carer)

Applications received between Monday 2 June 2014 and 12pm on Thursday 25 September 2014, are invalid and will be returned to the applicant. Applications received prior to Monday 2 June 2014 will continue to be processed as usual.

All Other Family visa applications lodged by persons residing in the Europe and CIS areas will be processed by the Australian Embassy in Berlin.

For information on how to lodge an application, please see: How to Apply and General Information

For information on how to contact the Australian Embassy in Berlin, please visit the Embassy's website: Australian Embassy Berlin - Visas and migration

Processing times for Visitor and Temporary Work visas

Applications for Visitor (subclass 600) and Temporary Work (subclass 400) visas should be lodged at the Australian Embassy in Moscow at least 4 weeks ahead of your travel date. This is in keeping with the Australian Government’s global service standard of 4 weeks for these visa classes.

Applications must be complete and will be processed as quickly as possible within this timeframe. However, processing times may vary depending on a range of factors and personal circumstances. If your application is likely to take longer than 4 weeks, we will inform you.

You should not book flights or make travel commitments until you have a visa to travel to Australia. The department will not be liable for any financial loss incurred by clients whose visa application was finalised later than expected or where an application is unsuccessful

Please see the important notice above relating to processing times over the Christmas and New Year period.

Fraud in Visa Applications

All applicants for visas should be aware that if your application includes false or fraudulently obtained documents, or information that is false or misleading, your application may be refused. This includes information given by you, a member of your family, or another person acting on your behalf. You and your family members may also be barred from entering Australia for 3 years, which would include being considered for other visa types. This applies to both temporary visas (such as Visitors and Students), and permanent visas (such as Partner, Child and Other Family visas).

See: Migration Fraud and Family Migration Fraud

Label-free visa arrangements for visa holders

Citizens of all countries who are granted a visa by the Australian Embassy in Moscow are able to travel to Australia without a visa label (sticker) in their passport. The visa record will be held electronically against the passport details of the visa holder. Visa applicants who are granted a visa are not required to send their passport to the Embassy to obtain evidence of their visa.

Applicants who are granted visas will receive a visa grant notice, which explains the validity and conditions of their visa.

See: Visa Label-Free Travel 

Changes to Protection Visa Conditions

From 3 June 2013 all persons who are granted a Protection visa in Australia will be subject to condidtion 8559. This means that the visa holder will not be able to return to their home country or the country from which they are claiming protection, unless they receive written permission from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to do so. If written permission is not granted and the person travels, the Protection visa may be cancelled.

See: Amendments to the Migration Regulations 1994 relating to protection visas 

Other Important Information

Adoption and Surrogacy

Adoption - If you are planning to adopt a child overseas, please be aware that the Visa and Immigration Section of the Australian Embassy in Moscow cannot provide advice or information on the adoption requirements or processes in any country. Please refer to the Fact Sheet on Expatriate Adoptions which you should read carefully.

The Visa and Immigration Office of the Australian Embassy in Moscow handles Australian visa and citizenship applications from nationals and legal residents of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Citizens of all of these countries MUST obtain a visa to travel to and enter Australia.

Residents of Azerbaijan must lodge their visa applications at the Australian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. See: 

December 2014